The BMP:

The Balanced Man is based on the Ancient Greek philosophy "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body." We encourage our members to develop these two facets of life in any way they see fit, not just through success in academics and athletics, but also through culture, arts, music, spirituality, and their personal diet and exercise goals. The guiding principles of this fraternity, dating to before the Balanced Man Program, are: Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love, detailed in The Creed of Sigma Phi Epsilon below:
SigEp’s Balanced Man Program (BMP) provides the structure, support and guidance required for today’s student to fully utilize the 90 percent of college they spend outside of classroom walls.

Based on equal rights and responsibilities for all members, the program’s progressive challenges provide brothers the opportunity to grow and fine-tune skills they can’t get in the classroom. Alumni, volunteers and university faculty and administration serve as mentors in the program, providing accountability and support.

BMP programming helps young brothers strengthen their character. It enables our young men to build leadership and communication skills and develop healthy, lifelong relationships.
RLC Text:

SigEp’s Residential Learning Community (RLC) program was established in 2000 as a guide for chapters to create a more powerful living-learning environment. The RLC concept expands upon traditional residential college models and recent research within higher education. Students in living-learning communities have higher overall grades, are more engaged in on-campus activities, and are more likely to spend their time outside of the classroom developing the life skills they need to succeed after graduation. SigEp must offer these experiences to our brothers, so we can deliver a membership experience of value, which promotes personal growth. As an RLC, we work with multiple Professors outside the classroom to arrange special study sessions for the house. We also host a graduate student in-house, who holds house office hours, and is availible for extra help with most subjects.

Sigma Phi Epsilon Creed:

"I believe in the American college fraternity. I believe in Sigma Phi Epsilon. I believe in this Fraternity because it would have me strive in every way to live up to the high principles for which it stands. These are VIRTUE, DILIGENCE, AND BROTHERLY LOVE.

I believe that the word Virtue is an inclusive term; that it is not enough that I be merely passively virtuous: I must be positive on virtue's behalf. Therefore, I will stand aggressively for honesty in all walks of life, and I will speak cleanly, play cleanly, and live cleanly. Whenever I can, I will oppose lawlessness and vice.

I believe that unless I succeed in being Diligent, I cannot be a good fraternity member. Believing that my fraternity can be no greater than any of its members, I shall strive to make it so high and so worthy that men will consider it an honor and privilege to belong to it and will strive to be admitted to it. I will not offer concessions to an individual to secure his affiliation, for thus making the man more note worthy then the Fraternity and hence only succeeds in lowering it in his estimation as well as mine. I believe that Brotherly Love must be given in order to be received, and that it cannot exist without triumph of the principles of Virtue and Diligence, for these are essential parts of it. I believe that a man will be made better for having been a member of my Fraternity. I know that I cannot expect the neophyte to be a finished product. Rather I will try to discover whether or not the environment and contact with men of high ideals will make of him a good fraternity man.

I believe that as a good fraternity member I must share a rich kinship of spirit with my brothers. Yet I realize that the members must be men of diversified abilities and talents. Among them are to be found the scholar, the athlete, the builder and craftsman. The good fraternity member must be par excellent in manhood. I believe that to be a good member I must be loyal to my Fraternity. In order to be loyal to it, I must love it. In order to love it, I must strive constantly to make it worthy of my love. To be loyal to my Fraternity, I must gain a knowledge of it so that I may understand it. I have an obligation to understand what brotherhood means.

I believe that in any organized society group rights and privileges are based on individual rights and privileges; that in my fraternity I possess the same rights and privileges and have the same duties as my fellow members. Therefore, I shall at all times respect duly the rights of others. I believe that obedience to the laws of my community and my country is essential to good citizenship; that the laws and rules of my Fraternity and my chapter are intended to regulate the actions of its members, one with another, and that without fidelity to those laws and rules I cannot be a good citizen and a worthy member of Sigma Phi Epsilon. I believe I should be generous with the faults of a brother, as I should wish him to be with mine."

- Oscar E. Draper, Washington State '99

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